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Plastic Recycling Machine

Plastic Recycling Machine

Water Ring Plastic Recycling Machine






The recycling machine include recycle inline trims, start-up scrap, loose scrap and reels, materials are MDPE, LDPE, LLDPE and PP, output is from 130 – 150 kg/h.



The machine is designed to operate with clean dry scrap and has easy access for cleaning and maintenance, the cutters on the slow speed shredder rotor have four cutting edges for longevity.  It is engineered for reliable, dust free clean operation, catering for a wide range of film widths, materials types and gauges, its operation is simple, with minimal floor space and energy costs required.  

Ztech range of recycling machinery are controlled by a Siemens or B&R HMI system and include as standard:

• Cold Start: Cold start protection

• Auto stop:   Auto shut down in event of material starvation

• Process Recipe:   This function allows different process parameters to be changed

• Purge Facility: Material can be purged from the system when changing colour or polymer type

• Alarm log: To allow fault analysis

• Remote diagnostics: For off-line / off-site fault analysis



No prior size reduction is required with the Omega series, loose pieces, slabbed reel, purging’s etc. are placed on the inclined conveyor. The conveyor feed is controlled by level sensors in the shredder feed hood and all material passes through the metal detector before being fed into the shredder stock box.  

Rolls are fed into the stock box via a heavy duty 500mm wide roll feeder either separately or simultaneously with the conveyor and are controlled by the same level sensors. Trims, either continuous or chopped are also fed directly into the top of the shredder stock box via an air separation system.

The shredder is mounted adjacent to the feed zone of the extruder, material is fed into the shredder stock box and by the combined action of the programmable hydraulic pusher, low speed rotor and a patented screen arrangement it is size reduced and then fed directly into the Omega extruder screw via a variable speed auger that is synchronised to the extruder drive to ensure constant feeding of the extruder screw.  


Technical Parameters


Model: ZT70-RLWater wing Plastic Recycling Machine

Screw diameter



120-180 kg/h



Model: ZT110-RL Water wing Plastic Recycling Machine

Screw diameter






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