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Plastic Recycling Machine

Plastic Recycling Machine

Automatic Disposable Mask Machine


Product Description



ZTECH fully automatic one-drag two-plane mask machine is composed of a mask body machine and two earband machine, joined the automatic conveyor belt and wire machine, to achieve the fully automated production of flat mask, mainly including coil ingesting, folding pressing, nasal beam string loading, mask molding, mask cutting, ear band material and welding, finished material and other processes, complete the process of raw materials to the finished product of the mask. Only one person operation, the production of mask sharper and solid, good fusion effect, with comfortable wearing, no sense of oppression, good filtration effect, fit the human face type, can be applied to medical, electronics, mining, construction and other industries.




Factory workshop



About Products






Technical Parameters




220Vor 380V



Production Speed

70-100 pcs/min

Air Pressure


Driving Method

Servo & Stepping Motors

Ultrasonic Frequency


Applicable for

PP Nonwovens & Composite fiber

Finished Mask Sizes


Machine Dimension


Machine Weight




Technical Characteristics * The top layer, filter layer, and bottom layer of three rolls of fabric are automatically aligned and fed.The two sides are continuously rolled by the ultrasonic system.The nose clip is automatically cut & fed into the underlying fabric, and the first step of pressing and merging is cut into a single fabric at the same time; * After the lamination is completed, the conveying line is sent into two automatic welding ear belt devices in a one-to-two manner; * The earband is automatically welded through automatic cutting, clamping, handling and positioning, and ultrasonic welding. * After the welding, the mask will automatically goes to the next process. * The machine is made of aluminum alloy which makes it beautiful, prevented from rust and has a small size. * The machine can make the 1--4 levels mask blank according for the customer's require with a high output; * You can adjust the size of the mask blank and the folding location; * The direction of the ear loop is outside; * Compared with sub-mask production equipment, this set of equipment more efficient, more economical artificial; * The computer program control and photoelectric detection make it have a high reliability and low failure rate.



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