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Guide to Slitting Machine

Guide to Slitting Machine

27 Sep, 2022

Nowadays, the slitting machine is essential equipment in many industrial fields, because the packing products produced from the slitting machine are the perfect solution to protect other products. However, most people may have no idea about this type of machine. In this post, the author would introduce you to the slitting machine to let you understand what actually it is and what's the application of the slitting machine.

What is A Slitter Rewinder Machine?

A slitter rewinder machine, also known as a slitting machine, is a machine used for cutting a master or parent roll of material to a smaller width so that improves the working efficiency in the next production process. Most automatic slitter machines are built for specific types of materials but be able to modify to slit multiple materials as well. Therefore, there is a myriad of slitter machines in the market.

What is A Slitting Machine Used for?

The slitting machine plays an important role in the industry. It can be used for cutting paper, vinyl, thin plastics, nonwovens, foil, and other soft, pliable materials.


Product Recommendation: EPE Foam Slitting Machine

EPE Foam Slitting Machine


EPE foam slitting machine cuts whole EPE foams into pieces. EPE foam is a novel and environment-friendly packaging material comprised of countless bubbles from the physical foaming of low-density polyethylene grease. EPE foam has many features such as moisture-proof, shock-proof, sound insulation, thermal insulation, plastic, ductile, recyclable, environment-friendly, and impact-resistant ability.

Product Recommendation: Bubble Film Slitting Machine

Bubble Film Slitting Machine

The bubble film slitting machine is capable of sliting bubble films and EPE foam into pieces of different widths. The bubble roll slitting machine comes with a set of unwinding devices, one set of slitting devices, and a set of rewinding devices.


At Ztech, we are the factory, supplier, and manufacturer of sitting machines and are proud of carrying a full line of industry-leading slitting and winding products. Our automatic slitter machines are perfect for a range of different applications.

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