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Plastic Recycling Machine: How Does it Work?

Plastic Recycling Machine: How Does it Work?

23 Sep, 2022

Currently, the plastic recycling machine is one of the most important industrial machines. It is designed to process plastic waste to make the waste reusable and recyclable. In this post, the author would solve the related problem about the plastic recycling machine and recommend some of the good quality plastic recycle lines.

What is Pelletized Plastic?

Plastic pelleting is an operation, involving the processing and cutting of melted polymers into cylindrical, dry and tractable plastic pellets. The granules produced usually be applied to further processing, such as profile extrusion and injection molding.

How Does a Pelletizer Work?

The raw material is processed into plastic pellets by water ting plastic pelletizing extrusion line. During this process, the raw materials are poured into a reactor, get melted into a thick liquid. Then, they would be cast into molds. At last, the molten liquid would cool down into a solid plastic.

What Water Ring Plastic Pelletizing Extrusion line Can Recycle?

The recycling machine includes recycling inline trims, start-up scrap, loose scrap, and reels. Materials are MDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, and PP, the output is from 130 – 150 kg/h.

Product Recommendation: Water Ring Plastic Recycling Machine

Water Ring Plastic Recycling Machine

The machine is designed to operate with clean dry scrap and has easy access for cleaning and maintenance, the cutters on the slow-speed shredder rotor have four cutting edges for longevity.  It is engineered for reliable, dust free clean operation, catering for a wide range of film widths, materials types, and gauges, its operation is simple, with minimal floor space and energy costs required.  

Ztech range of recycling machinery is controlled by a Siemens or B&R HMI system and includes as standard:

• Cold Start: Cold start protection

• Auto stop:   Auto shut down in event of material starvation

• Process Recipe:   This function allows different process parameters to be changed

• Purge Facility: Material can be purged from the system when changing color or polymer type

• Alarm log: To allow fault analysis

• Remote diagnostics: For off-line/off-site fault analysis

Product Recommendation: Plastic Recycling Machine

Plastic Recycling Machine


 The plastic recycling machine adopts an extruder as its main part. It is comprised of an extruding system, a transmission system, and a heat management system. It can be used to turn waste into resources. Distributed automatic power supply system ensures that the motor operates normally and safely. Its screw is made of improved carbon structural steel to make it more durable. This machine has a good appearance, it can be sprayed with different colors as requested.


The plastic recycling machine is useful machinery used for reusing or recycling waste. Ztech is an industry-leading manufacturer of plastic recycling machines, providing the waste PE PP film bag recycle washing line, air bubble film pelletizing extruder, PP PE plastic granules making machine.

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