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Air Bubble Film Machine: What It Is & How Does It Work?

Air Bubble Film Machine: What It Is & How Does It Work?

29 Jul, 2022

With the development of e-commerce businesses, the increased packing materials requirement makes the demand for air bubble film machines also growing. The air bubble film machine is the essential machine used in the packaging industry. But what it is and what it can do? Fortunately, this post would completely introduce you to the air bubble film machine.

What is a Air Bubble Film Machine?

Air Bubble Film machine, also called air bubble filmping machine, is a kind of equipment used to produce air bubble film. Air Bubble Film is a pliable transparent plastic material that is mainly used for packing fragile items like china or glassware during shipping and in storage. It has a lot of regularly spaced, protruding air-filled hemispheres (bubbles) to provide cushioning for fragile items.

What Kinds of Air Bubble Film Machine Available?

Generally speaking, because of the various requirements for packing, there are various kinds of air bubble film machines on the market. In ZTECH, you can find the following air bubble filmping machine: 2 layers air bubble film machine, 3 layers air bubble film machine, 5 layers air bubble film machine, 7 layers air bubble film machine, PP bubble board machine, nylon air bubble film coextrusion machine, etc. If you want to learn more details about a specific product, you could click our product page to learn.

What the Air Bubble Film Can Do?

Generally speaking, air bubble film can be divided into various styles, according to the material and the layer of air bubble film. In the following section, I would introduce some major types of air bubble film.

3 layers air bubble film machine

3 Layers Air Bubble Film Machine

●2 Layer Air Bubble Film: 2 layer air bubble film is the most common packing material because it has a low price and works well as a shockproof buffer. It is widely used for packing machine parts, electric parts, cosmetics, radiators, and artifacts.

●3 Layer Air Bubble Film: As an impact-resistant, moisture-proof, and shockproof chemical product. it is a good packing material for mechanical parts and glasses. Also, it can be applied to the swimming pool.

●5 Layer Air Bubble Film: The 5-layer air bubble film is an advanced material, that is used for blocking sunlight. It can be used to block infrared radiation which cannot be blocked by iron sheets, concretes, woods, and ordinary insulation materials.

●7-Layer air bubble film: Because of its great thermal insulation ability, it can be used as an impact-resistant and expansion-proof material in roads, airfield runaways, culverts, and bridges.

How Does the Air Bubble Film Machine Work?

The air bubble film machine's work varies according to the various kind of machines. The 2 layers air bubble film machine makes the two-layer air bubble film by heat-sealing together two sheets of plastic film. Some areas of the two films are not sealed together, creating individual bubbles. The air trapped in these bubbles provides shock absorption when an item is packed in air bubble film and dropped.

7 layers air bubble film machine

7 Layers Air Bubble Film Machine

What Are the Features of Air Bubble Film Machine?

We have four kinds of air bubble film making machines. In the 2-layers air bubble film machine, two models of air bubble film machines are available: air bubble film single screw extruder and air bubble film twin screw extruder. Here are their main features of them:

1. Air Bubble Film equipment has a high production capacity, with a maximum speed of 50 meters per minute or 30 meters per minute.

2. With the up-to-date vacuum system, special steel sheets, and dual pipe cooling system, the Air Bubble Film making machine is highly durable and has a good and even cooling effect.

3. Precise T-die materials make products even in thickness, realizing an easier operation flow and preventing glue leakage.

4. Air Bubble Filmping machine has a reliable safety system to ensure safe production. The emergency stop button can stop the entire machine, including circuits, extruders, and cylinder of roller.

Where to Buy Air Bubble Film Equipment?

Ztech is a specialist in high-end bubble film machinery, always providing premium air bubble film machinery and bubble film extrusion machine for packing companies. As a professional manufacturer and exporter of air bubble film machinery, we adhere to the concept of “Meticulous work, to create Exceptional Quality” and strictly follow the company procedures and inspection standards during the manufacturing process. Therefore, all our products are CE-certified.


All in all, the air bubble film machine not only could well protect the packed product but also help the company improve its packing efficiency. And if you want to find a reliable air bubble filmping machine, the working efficiency, machine parts, and safety system need to be taken into the consideration. Ztech is a trusted and reliable manufacturer and factory of air bubble film coextrusion machines and bubble warp machines, you could contact Ztech to purchase the good quality machine.


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