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What is Air Bubble Film?

What is Air Bubble Film?

14 Oct, 2022

If you are an express business, you may receive a mount of different sizes of packing orders. There is a myriad of air bubble film sizes and grades available to meet the different packing needs. As a manufacturer of air bubble film coextrusion machines and air bubble film machines, Ztecth would introduce air bubble film in this post.

What is Air Bubble Film?

Air Bubble Film can frequently be found in our daily life if we pay more attention to those around us. It is one of the most commonly used packing materials, so you could find it in your express package. With its special structure, it is able to absorb shock and provides surface protection to protect the items. And, air bubble film is available in a myriad of sizes and levels of cushioning, so it could meet diverse packaging needs.

air bubble film

How is Air Bubble Film Made?

Generally speaking, air bubble film is constituted of tiny resin beads with different properties. To produce the air bubble film, the air bubble film machine is a necessity. Before using the air bubble film making machine, the mixture of resin should get melt to form a thin film. Then, the film is flattened to the needed thickness and fed through a roller.

There are countless small holes in these rollers. So, the air bubble film equipment is capable of infusing air onto the film to form the bubble. Once the air is infused into the film, the air air bubble film machine would use more rollers to seal the air with another layer of film. Then, after the second layer of film successfully traps the air, the air bubble film is good for cutting. After that, the air air bubble film perforator would perforate the air bubble film and roll it into large rolls of industrial-sized bubbles.

2 layers air bubble film machine

2 Layers Air Bubble Film Machine

Various Types of Air Bubble Film

As a matter of fact, air bubble film usually is divided into numerous types of air bubble film designed for different purposes.
If you plan to transport some unusual item, you may need to the air bubble film which offers more protection than standard air bubble film. Except for the basic air bubble film, there some various types of air bubble film. In this section, the author would list some major types of air bubble film.

●High-Grade Air Bubble Film: The high-grade air bubble film is also called strong grade. It is made with stronger plastics which are not easy to blow. This air bubble film generally is used for packing any heavy item or preventing the item from being dropped. The strong bubble in the air bubble film has a strong ability in maintaining cushion. 

●General air bubble film: It is the popular packing option for multi-purpose. Made with medium-weight plastic, it is strong enough to withstand most typical shipping accidents It could protect major items from minor issues.

●Limited or low grade air bubble film: This grade of air bubble film provides a relatively less amount of protection, so it can not absorb much shock when the item is dropped or gets shifted or slam from other products. It is mainly used for helping prevent scratches or other superficial damage during transport.

●Anti-static air bubble film: It is specially designed for protecting electronic items such as mobile phones, computers, TVs, etc.

●FDA-grade air bubble film: This type of air bubble film is used for transporting food and fruits such as chocolate, eggs, and fresh fruit. It could provide protection from the shifting and vibrating of bumpy roads while in transit.

●1/2" is a large size that most air bubble film equipment can produce. With a 1/2 inch depth and 1¼ inch diameter, the bubble is able to provide the most protection for medium-weight items.

Size of Air Bubble Film

Since you have known the various types of air bubble film, you need to learn the size of air bubble film. The different bubble sizes perform different tasks.

●1/16" bubbles are 1/16th of an inch in thickness and 1/8th of an inch in diameter, providing the least protection, and are mainly being used for packing small, fragile items, such as glassware to prevent scratches or surface damage. You may need to add the extra protection method. 

●3/16" bubbles are the commonly used size in the packing industry. They are good options for packing light to medium-weight items.

●5/16" bubbles have a 1-inch diameter, so the bubble is large. You could use it to fill the space in boxes.


If you are an express business or air bubble film factory and don't know what the best type of air bubble film is good for packing needs, you could contact your suppliers of air bubble film equipment.

Ztech is a professional manufacturer and supplier of bubble film extrusion machines and paper air bubble film machines, providing all kinds of air bubble filmping machines and customized air bubble film machines.

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